What is virus?


Virus is the program which enters in the form of data into a program being operated and acts as a virus program.

The virus problem can never be solved unless the program invaded by the virus treats the virus by itself.


What is virus?

Computer virus is the program which legitimately enters in the form of input data into reception area of a program by utilizing input processing function from outside data into such program being normally operated, and then acts as a virus program so that it accomplishes malicious purpose.


Features of virus

  1. Virus enters into programs in a way that the location of virus transmission cannot be identified.
  2. Virus which has entered into a program and started is able to access freely to any information which is governed by computer system.
  3. There is a variety of methods for starting virus as similarly as the methods of program developments depending on each of programmers.
  4. Virus enters as legitimate data into a program being operated (it does not enters with declaration that I am virus.)
  5. Virus having entered into a program starts making use of structural defects of conventional program.
  6. Prevention for virus to start in conventional programs is theoretically impossible.
  7. If virus having entered into a program being operated could be invalidated by the program itself, people are able to be released from virus problems.
    This can be realized by the method of our patent.

Invalidation of virus means automatic detection of virus, automatic clearance of the contaminated data area, and automatic regeneration of data value in such area.