Corporate Profile

Inventor of LYEE Ph. D in software information technology

Executive Chairman
Chief Philosophy Officer

Fumio Negoro

Message from Executive Chairman

Thank you very much for your reading web pages of LYEE Corp.

LYEE Corp. has been established for the purpose of spreading Scenario Function which was invented through my research on computer program for more than 40 years. Computer virus, now seriously disturbing society, can destroy the culture now totally based on computer.

We are progressing for developing complete and secured computer society solving virus problems by spreading Scenario Function.

We are looking forward to serving you with our patented technology, Scenario Function.

Executive Chairman
LYEE Co. Ltd.
Fumio Negoro



Fumio Negoro

1940/7 Born in Kashiwa Village in Mie Prefecture, Japan
1971/3 Graduated Science and Technology Research Institute, Graduate School of Nihon University, Mathematics course. Lecturer in Nihon University.
1978 Established ISD Research Institute, Ltd.
2003/9 Graduated Doctor course in Software Information Research, Iwate Prefecture University
Granted Ph. D of Software Information Technology
Pre-Chairman of Kanagawa Prefecture Division, Japan Ki-In (Japan Association of Go players)

Thesis for Doctorship:” Research for unified theory of providence to build software”



1973 CSK Co. Ltd., Executive Director(Manager of Software Development Division)
1980 Japan Information System Development Co., Ltd.(Joint Co. with Tokai Bank), Chief Director
1985 DEC Japan Co. Ltd. Manager of Software Development Division
1993 Software Science Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Joint Co. with East Japan Railroad established for VOCJU invented by Negoro)
1996 Software Production Technology Research Institute Co., Ltd. (Established for LYEE with Catena Co.)