Introduction to the Principle


Commentary on LYEE Structured Programs

If you have been involved in systems development, you have probably felt the difficulties of testing and debugging large programs.


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Scenario Function Programs based on LYEE Sturctures

Whether you chose to use a flowchart when creating the program, the information for coding which is used in current program development is unneeded. With scenario function programs, the flow of the program is determined automatically when the program is executed. ∴Therefore there are no bugs in this area.


What is a LYEE Structured Program?

Programming Languages that are currently in use (C, Java, etc) require the programmer to place commands in the order she/he wants the computer to run when coding the program. However, LYEE Structed Programs automatically decide the execution order of the commands in order to properly execute the program. Due to this, the programmer is only required to write the commands that need to be executed in order for the program to be complete. As a result, human error is significantly refuced, and the program is much easier to maintain.