General Remarks for Scenario Function and Virus


Computer virus enters as legitimate data into data reception area defined in the target program utilizing its reception function. Then the virus achieves its intention by starting the logic of virus’ intention utilizing starting mechanism in virus.

By the way, since the logic of virus’ intention can be programed with usual programming method, technology of virus is not necessarily special one. However, technology of virus dare be defined to be the mechanism to start the logic of virus’ intention. Meanwhile, the logic to achieve the intention of virus is able to be described utilizing particular functions of language even if without mechanism to start virus.

Description of principle in detail for virus to work may be disclosed at an appropriate time in future.

Scenario function is the program to create synchronization algorithm for subject, and the generation of all data is executed in the process of the creation. So, vectors which are composing elements of scenario function, captures virus which has entered into program by the state contradictory to synchronization algorithm.

To understand synchronization algorithm, it is necessary to understand mechanism of scenario function and concept of synchronization algorithm (refer to section “subject genealogy”).

Algorithm which is used in any programs other than scenario function, i.e. conventional programs is, without exception, algorithm of non-synchronization.

Incidentally in non-synchronization algorithm, virus which can be captured is limited to the one which is already acknowledged to be virus by its attributes. However, virus does not enter into a program raising a flag of virus. There in non-synchronization algorithm, process never reaches to the level of invalidation of virus which can be done in scenario function.

The algorithm which our instinct uses is non-synchronization algorithm. Scientific thinking method is also based on this algorithm. However, our work we pursue now for solution can be taken to be the one to change non-synchronization algorithm having basic defects in it to synchronization algorithm.

Scenario function is the program to obtain the solution which is named Subject Genealogy. Please refer to the figure of Subject Genealogy in the following web pages. In conventional program, there is no such concept as solution.


Fig. The state where subject genealogy is completed

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Invalidation of virus in scenario function means:

  1. capturing virus by the mechanism of vector defined for each of subjects,
  2. eliminating virus by VOA (Virus Observation Algorithm) associated to each of vectors,
  3. automatically restoring genealogically correct values eliminated in (2) above by the mechanism with restarting structure in scenario function.

Invalidation of virus is collective name for 3 above works.

If scenario function program is developed strictly in line with theory of scenario function, scenario function program invalidates any types of virus as a result. If any one learns and masters theory of scenario function, he will be able to develop scenario function program.

Scenario function program is not developed having a mind for virus. But if the structure of scenario function is developed in line with its theory, as a result for any types of virus, virus able to be invalidated is so done automatically, and virus judged to be virus at the entering point is automatically returned to transmitting location.

It is theory of scenario function to solve all program problems encountered including virus problems by vector which is composing element of scenario function. Further, the theory of scenario function is directly the technology of programming for scenario function.

If you will, sometime in future, notice that the structure of scenario function has reached first in the world to the universal structure through data combination, we will be more than happy.

The above means that source program of scenario function can be defined if only each of all subjects are defined, and other programming work can be replaced by automation tools.

The theory to build scenario function may be disclosed in an appropriate time in future. Operation and action for each of steps of scenario function can be now observed in an emulator so that it may be shown in appropriate time in future.