Corporation Information



September 3, 2014

Head quarter

591 Yamanouchi Kamakura-Shi Kanagawa, Japan

Representative Corporate Executive Officers

Executive Chairman and Chief Philosophy Officer
Fumio Negoro

President and CEO
Yoshitsugi Komiya

  • Management for intellectual properties of patents for Lyee (Scenario Function) which is the basis for computer software development theory.
  • Enlightenment, spread, education and instruction of the theory of Lyee (Scenario Function).
  • Consulting work for Lyee (Scenario Function).
  • Any other works relating to the above.

Executive Chairman and Chief Philosophy Officer
Fumio Negoro

President and CEO
Yoshitsugi Komiya

Director and Chief Technology Officer
Toshio Seki

Hitoshi Mizutani

Eizo Tomono


Business Plan

Recently such future technologies are often talked about as AI, IoT, and 4th industrial revolution, all of which are based on computer program technology.

However, it is well known that the computer program technology holds many issues such as security and embedded bugs. The root of those issues is also well known to be the structure of conventional program.

The program which has been invented by Dr. Fumio Negoro, Chairman of our company, can solve completely these issues. The program is named as program of Scenario Function.

The basic patents for this technology have been granted so that we will further obtain surrounding patents and applied patents in Japan as well as worldwide.

We will develop businesses in such fields as patents licensing, tool developments and their sales, and application without bugs which is the strength of Scenario Function, etc. On the other hand, we will publicly release the program of Scenario Function through internet and develop its engineers in the world.

We will develop businesses and prevail worldwide demonstrating the strength of this revolutionary technology.


June 21, 2017
President and representative Director, CEO
Yoshitsugi Komiya



Note:Patents relative to Scenario Function have been exclusively licensed to LYEE Corp.